Social Savings


Accumulate money with the help of your friends. They help you - some day you help them. Name what you are saving for, enter how much you need. Login to PlentiFy with one of the social networks we support - Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Add an image and publish your savings goal so your friends (and their friends!) can see it and contribute as much as they can afford. Provide ways to collect the money (we support WePay) and see the funds coming in. Although the goal is intended for a specific purpose or cause, you may use the money at any time and there’s no strings attached.

Social saving in 3 simple steps:

Your Goal

Name and define your goal, financially speaking.

WePay Account

Link your wepay account where you will save money for your goal

Spread The Word

Upload image and share your goal with friends on Facebook.


Watch contributions coming and your goal reached.

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