Getting Started

How it works

PlentyFi is a free crowdfunding platform that lets US and Canada users collect money for their needs, be that money that will go toward fixing a car or combating smoking addiction.

You can create one or several projects and control them from your user account. We are using keep it all approach, meaning that you can close your project at any time and still keep the money you collect. Let’s focus on how to create a new crowdfunding campaign and make it successful. You will need a Facebook account to register. The account is needed so that we could spread the word and tell as many people as possible about your request to contribute money. Our platform is not limited to Facebook; however, it is the main social network we use.

After doing the above, you should see your user account — a page where all your projects are displayed. If you do not have any projects yet, the page will be empty — it will only display a plus button.

To create a new project please click the plus button and fill out the form that appears. First, input the name of your campaign and the amount you would like to earn.

Name of the campaign should be catchy and clear. Do not use caps lock or terms that only you can understand. Your page will be visible to thousands of people and it is very important to keep the campaign name easy to understand and self-explanatory.

Next, you need to create a Wepay account. Wepay is an electronic payment system that provides us with the service for collecting money which we chose for its extreme user-friendliness. To register a Wepay account you will only need to input your name, email address and a new password. That is it — your account is set for receiving donations.

We will automatically create a new account for you under PlentyFi name to which money will be transferred. To learn how to withdraw the money, please follow the link

Next, you will need to select a category. If none of the categories suit you, select ‘Another’.

Input description of your campaign. Even though description is optional, it is very important for promoting your project. Here is a basic outline of the description:

  1. What you are saving for
  2. What happened
  3. Why you need the money
  4. What you will spend it on

Do not worry if you made a mistake while writing the description. You can always change the settings later in the user account.

Having done that, we suggest adding an image to your campaign. This image will be your project’s calling card so you need to select one that fits your purpose.

We made sure to streamline the process of creating a project. Now you can go to your project’s page and see its settings. PlentyFi allows one to create a custom link leading to the project. Using custom links gives the project maximum accessibility. For instance, if your custom link is ‘makemehappy’, then the contribution page will be available at To change the custom link of your charity project, please go to the project’s page and input a new link name.

It is important not to change the custom link too often. If you do, fewer users will be able to find you.

You can change your crowdfunding campaign at any moment. To do this you need to visit the project’s page, make the needed changes and press submit button to save or discard to cancel changes.

To change the project's image you simply need to click the old one and upload a new photo. To deactivate the project, remove the campaign or change account, please click more options button.

How to improve your project

First, do not hesitate to tell others about your project. The more people hear about your problem, the more you will be able to earn. Be sure to share your project on Facebook. To do that, click share on Facebook button on your crowdfunding campaign’s page. Make the Facebook post visible to everyone and not only to you and your friends (this will make a difference!).

Secondly, use various channels to share information about your campaign. You can use different social networks, blogs, forums, etc. For instance, use twitter, Instagram, make posts on reddit and microblogs.

How to contribute

Donating money to a user is easy. To contribute to someone’s campaign, you simply need to visit the user’s campaign page, select the amount and press contribute. You can also leave a comment along with the contribution you send.

After this you will need to input your credit card details. We do not store your credit card information and your personal data never goes through our server since all payments are made through Wepay payment system.