Social Funding

Raise money with the help of your friends. They will help you, someday you'll help them

for limited time, we waive all our fees*

Name what you are saving for, enter how much you need. Login to PlentiFy with Facebook. Add an image and publish your savings goal so your friends (and their friends!) can see it and contribute as much as they can afford. Provide ways to collect the money (we support WePay) and see the funds coming in. Although the goal is intended for a specific purpose or cause, you may use the money at any time and there‚Äôs no strings attached.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps:

Your Goal

Name what the money is for and how much you need. Login into PlentyFi with your Facebook account (no posts or comments will be made without your permission, promise!)

WePay Account

Connect your WePay account (free signup is available). They are our payment processing partner and this is where the money will be kept until you need it. You can withdraw it any time, no strings attached

Spread The Word

Add image and description. Publish, publish, publish! We provide easy one-click sharing on Facebook, but you can copy the link and share it on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, email, etc.. The more people see it the more contributions will come your way

Get Started
* We only waive fees for PlentyFi service. All applicable fees from our payment providers WePay and Stripe are in affect.