5 Worst Tourist Traps

Take an exciting vacation somewhere your friends haven’t been! Travel is about passion and enjoyment, but unfortunately you simply can’t experience everything. Here are some cliché vacations that you should avoid because of their high price tag and lack of originality! Find another option


Best way to save money

The latest statistics show that 76% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. Yet 62% of all workers think it possible to save


The Importance of Automatic IRA Contributions And How Automatic Money Saving Apps May Help You

We all tend to postpone the things we don’t really like to do until the very last minute, although deep inside we are well aware that we can’t postpone it forever. It is human nature to put off life’s situations, such as adopting a healthy lifestyle or saving for retirement. If you’re fairly


Saving for a mortgage

Buying a house is a life-changing decision that usually is very stressful, and very-very exciting.  The house hunting, decoration planning can easily make one loose the sleep and be in a constant overdrive mode until you finally move in.

We must realize that for many people it wo


Easy Ways To Save Money

Many people find it difficult to save money. There’s always something to buy, or do, or pay for right now, making long term goals and security a vague and distant prospect. However it is a vital undertaking that can provide you and your family with security against disaster, as well as the ab


The impact of American Savings on the Global Economy

Despite the rise of newer economic powerhouses like China and Brazil, the USA is still by far the largest economy in the world. However, despite having one of the highest per capita incomes, Americans have never been known to be the best of savers and our rate of saving has been on a downward


Relief, Ahead of Time – Be prepared for disasters to come.

A tornado tragically struck Moore, Oklahoma on Monday, May 20th. 91 residents lost their lives and over 145 were injured in hospitals. Our nation is extending support and relief for our peers in Moore, but nothing can be done to reverse the devastating event.

On the othe