Easy Ways To Save Money

Many people find it difficult to save money. There’s always something to buy, or do, or pay for right now, making long term goals and security a vague and distant prospect. However it is a vital undertaking that can provide you and your family with security against disaster, as well as the ab


Health Savings Account

Have you opened a health savings account (HSA)? The funds contributed to the account are not subject to federal income tax at the time of making the deposit and they roll over and accumulate year after year if not spent. This makes it one of the best health plans LEARN MORE

Saving for College

If you are planning to get a degree, you probably need to learn about saving for college. For students with limited resources, the best way to save for college is a 529 plan, which comes with significant tax advantages and other benefits. Of the two types


Surprising Financial Obligations and How Money Saving Apps May Help You

This is a story of four different people who faced similar situations for which they all had to cough up some extra cash.


I met my good friend Robert for dinner and he immediately bombarded me with gorgeous photographs of his newborn nephew, Byron. Now, Rob never had pla


An Interview with the Founder of SavedPlus

L Bee says: Hi everyone! I’m excited today to present the interview I recently had with Paul Sorokin, the founder of the new savings app PlentyFi. Read on for more of his insights behind the application and how it can help you reach your savings goals.

Paul Sorokin is


The Keys to Your New Car: Tips on Getting a Car the Way that Works For You

Cars are like kidney transplants: if you need one, you really need one. Fortunately, there are a lot of options for those of us who—whether it’s because of where we live (three cheers for Los Angeles!) or what we do—need to be auto-enabled.

The downside of this upside, however, i


Layaways? Use Money Saving Apps Instead

Layaways are a significant part of consumer history.  A layaway is an item received after it has been purchased in full through installment payments. Department and toy stores such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Toys ‘R’ Us have utilized this practice since the 196