Give Yourself Some Credit: How Money Saving Apps Help You Manage Your Credit Cards

Credit cards are great tools. They are in essence short-term, immediate loans, and we’ve all been in a position where the things we need to buy don’t perfectly match up with the money we have available to buy them.

Like any powerful tool, though, credit cards can be dangerous when not use


Relief, Ahead of Time – Be prepared for disasters to come.

A tornado tragically struck Moore, Oklahoma on Monday, May 20th. 91 residents lost their lives and over 145 were injured in hospitals. Our nation is extending support and relief for our peers in Moore, but nothing can be done to reverse the devastating event.

On the othe


Top 5 Cheapest Dates

Dating can be expensive, but that certainly won’t stop anyone from doing it! Fancy restaurants and outrageous bar tabs may leave you with an empty wallet for that second date. Here are a few  ideas on how to do it  without spending your entire paycheck and without looking cheap.


How I Escaped Overwhelming Debt

I remember feeling special when I received my very first pre-approved offer for a Visa credit card. Fresh out of high school, I was ready to live on my own and enjoy the college lifestyle. I figured that a barely-there line of credit of $150 would do no harm and, in fact, help me begin buil


How Americans give to charities and some helpful tips regarding donations

It may sound like a cliché but donating to charities really does make you feel good about yourself and also about the world in general. When you give money for a cause or to help someone less fortunate, you get a psychological and emotional boost that inspires you to achieve more and become a


How to Save $500 by Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the opening to the summer season, and it’s quickly approaching. That’s a scary fact for many Americans who haven’t begun to save for all of the summer fun they’ve been planning.

Millions of Americans hit the road for Memorial Day, spending money on hotels, gas an


Retirement Savings

Who does not know what the word “retirement” means?  We all think that we know, and even small kids have heard that their grandma or grandpa are not working because they are retired. 

However, we all may have our own understanding on what that word really means to us.