How to Prepare for the High Prices of Tuition

Every university in the United States provides an array of degrees and programs to prepare students for their lifelong careers. Unfortunately, not one of these degrees comes at a low price. At each university, tuition costs ris


Top 5 Cheapest Dates

Dating can be expensive, but that certainly won’t stop anyone from doing it! Fancy restaurants and outrageous bar tabs may leave you with an empty wallet for that second date. Here are a few  ideas on how to do it  without spending your entire paycheck and without looking cheap.


Relief, Ahead of Time – Be prepared for disasters to come.

A tornado tragically struck Moore, Oklahoma on Monday, May 20th. 91 residents lost their lives and over 145 were injured in hospitals. Our nation is extending support and relief for our peers in Moore, but nothing can be done to reverse the devastating event.

On the othe


An Interview with the Founder of SavedPlus

L Bee says: Hi everyone! I’m excited today to present the interview I recently had with Paul Sorokin, the founder of the new savings app PlentyFi. Read on for more of his insights behind the application and how it can help you reach your savings goals.

Paul Sorokin is


Health Savings Account

Have you opened a health savings account (HSA)? The funds contributed to the account are not subject to federal income tax at the time of making the deposit and they roll over and accumulate year after year if not spent. This makes it one of the best health plans LEARN MORE

How Americans give to charities and some helpful tips regarding donations

It may sound like a cliché but donating to charities really does make you feel good about yourself and also about the world in general. When you give money for a cause or to help someone less fortunate, you get a psychological and emotional boost that inspires you to achieve more and become a


Flamingos and Rabbits and Bears, Oh My! Who’s Your Money Mascot?

There’s been a lot written about “money personalities” recently—that is, the different mindsets that determine our relationship to money.

In reality there are as many different “money personalities” as there are personalities (so, about 7 billion). But it’s useful to look at a few general