How I Escaped Overwhelming Debt

I remember feeling special when I received my very first pre-approved offer for a Visa credit card. Fresh out of high school, I was ready to live on my own and enjoy the college lifestyle. I figured that a barely-there line of credit of $150 would do no harm and, in fact, help me begin buil


The Science of Saving Money

Saving money can be tricky. Sure, we’d all like to set aside money with every paycheck, happily watching as our savings accounts grow, but this is easier said then done. Luckily, there is good news and better news about this. The good news is we’re not entirely to blame when it comes to our less-


Saving for College

If you are planning to get a degree, you probably need to learn about saving for college. For students with limited resources, the best way to save for college is a 529 plan, which comes with significant tax advantages and other benefits. Of the two types


The Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Business Trip

First and foremost, thanks to the team at PlentyFi for giving me the opportunity to contribute. I love the concept behind your money saving app and find it a brilliant way to save money without even thinking about keeping on the thrifty side. You rock!

So, whether you are an entreprene


Give Yourself Some Credit: How Money Saving Apps Help You Manage Your Credit Cards

Credit cards are great tools. They are in essence short-term, immediate loans, and we’ve all been in a position where the things we need to buy don’t perfectly match up with the money we have available to buy them.

Like any powerful tool, though, credit cards can be dangerous when not use


How to Save $500 by Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the opening to the summer season, and it’s quickly approaching. That’s a scary fact for many Americans who haven’t begun to save for all of the summer fun they’ve been planning.

Millions of Americans hit the road for Memorial Day, spending money on hotels, gas an


Crash Diets, Jerky Dinners, and Thieves in the Night: Tips for Maintaining Your Emergency Fund

We’ve already talked about who needs an emergency fund (you, and everybody else you know), why you need an emergency fund (because emergencies don’t make appointments; that’s why they are called emergencies), and how to get an emergency fund star