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Top Three Essential Carports to Protect your Car

Some people do not get the chance or have the privilege to own a garage for their car hence they have to park their cars alone without any sort of covering shade on them. But it is nothing to worry about. Certain types of carports are one way or the other similar to the garage but not 100%. You can purchase carports that are like a covering top for the car and such carports are free-standing over the ground. In this article, we are going to discuss the best carports to buy in UK.

  • Palram velrona carpor

    Palram Verona 5000 9 x 16 ft Carport

One of the best picks is the palram velrona carport. The feature that helps to make it special is that the body framework of the shelter is made up of firm and 100% solid steel. To make it more firm powder coat covering is attached to the steel which helps the framework to protect itself from corrosion or erosion. Apart from the steel framework comes with strong and durable polycarbonate roof panels.

The covering is well treated in the labs with antifungal that proves the fact that the covering will not discolor after a while and it is waterproof enough to prevent splashing of water over your car. To firmly attach the carport framework to the ground it offers stabilizers and to make things fair enough it comes with a Ratchet-tite tension system to add to its durability and sturdiness.


  • Palram Arcadia Carport Shelter

Palram Arcadia 4300 12 x 14 ft Carport

Another top-priority carport is from garden and patio canopy style carport. Yes that’s right the carport is more like a canopy but it comes with a durable and strong steel framework or body structure. The steel framework is further holding up-tight with the finishing of powder coat and over it lies a white or beige color polycarbonate covering providing protection and shade to your car.

The covering is UV resistant and also waterproof enough to protect your car from water or rain. To anchor it firmly to the ground it offers foot pads that are linearly attached to the legs of the steel framework or canopy. This way during harsh climatic conditions it doesn’t get detached from the ground and protects the car from rain, wind, or dusty air. The two distinct colors the canopy covering offers are either white or beige.


  • Palram Arcadia 12x28ft Carport

Palram Arcadia 8500 12 x 28 ft Carport

This is the most positively reviewed product because it is more like a caravan carport and is not just durable but it is affordable as well. It offers a steel framework that is firm and comes with compression locks. Over the top is either black or bronze-tinted polycarbonate covering which is both waterproof and UV resistant since it has been treated with anti-aging elements before use.

The caravan canopy is six-legged and the feature that makes it the best purchase is the presence of swedged tubing. This feature allows easy and readily assembling of the caravan carports.

To firmly fix the steel framework within the ground is the presence of footpads that are attached to the canopy legs and these aid in firmly holding the carports to both hard and soft ground surfaces. So if you have two or three cars or want to collaborate with your neighbor’s car you must opt for this carports as it is spacious, durable, and affordable.

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