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Welcome to Another Smart City: Lahore Smart City

The concept of a smart city is not new around the world. However, Pakistan has launched its first-ever smart city recently “capital smart city”.  Luckily it earned its success in a short span. Its popularity can be judged by the fact that it is one of the fastest-selling, and within a short span, a similar project has started in Lahore. It is a gift for the lively peoples of Lahore. Moreover, it was the demand of the people to have such smart facilities to make living experience tremendous.

Smart City Should be:

It is commonly asked questions about how a smart city should. So as the name shows, a smart city should have cutting-edge technologies with all the smart features which make life easier and hassle-free. It should have more automatic features than manual or human-controlled features. Security is the main feature of a smart city that is ensured through the introduction of the latest equipment. Moreover, it has some creative business ideas, plans, and commercial areas to facilitate residents as well as tourists and visitors.


This is the common question everyone asks that what are the facilities available in Lahore Smart City.  Moreover, there are many people who ask how smart city Lahore is different from other housing societies. So, the answer is that it is different in a number of ways, including its ideal location. It has smart features like automatic street and traffic lights to prevent confusion and save energy. Moreover, it has BRT to ensure facilitate connectivity with different parts of the Lahore. Smart city Lahore is the only city to introduce the use of electronically charged bicycles to move within the smart city. It has state of the art CCTV camera to detect any malfunctional in the smart city. Besides these technological facilities, it has been adorned beautifully considering every age group’s requirement.


Location is another feature that people pounder a lot while purchasing a new place to live in. It is located at an ideal location connecting three important roads of Pakistan. It connects with Sialkot through the Sialkot Lahore motorway. Different parts of Lahore are approachable easily through ring road. GT road is the road connecting all the cities of Pakistan, so it connects with the Lahore smart city too. However, it is a little distance from Lahore but inconsiderable. Moreover, it is located at such a place to facilitate investors and residents too. Capital Smart city Islamabad is also an attractive opportunity for investors as well as peoples who enjoy luxary and smart life and situated at a prime location of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, Just 9.2 Km from Lahore Islamabad Motorway M2 Toll Plaza.

Safe and Sound:

Safety matters a lot while considering someplace to live. It is to ensure a peaceful life. A safe and sound place is not only important for residents but also for investors and businessmen. A safe and sound place is beneficial for people living inside the society. Keeping this importance in mind, authorities have done several steps to make smart cities safe and sound for everyone. It is a gated community. It has automatic latest street lights, which will switch on whenever there Is dim light so no unwanted activity can take place.

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