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10 Best Home Website Designs

If you want to get more audience and buyers for your home construction website, you must create an appealing and enchanting website design. You can browse different home websites to identify what things you should consider while designing a home website. A good design attracts people to explore the website in depth. 

Best home website designs that attract the audience:

  • Home DryWall:

Screenshot 150 - PlentyFi

Home DryWall and painting is a reliable company that provides home construction services. It provides quality work with high quality material. Its website has an appealing website design that will surely attract the people desiring to make their home durable and beautiful.

  • Advocate Construction

Screenshot 168 - PlentyFi

This construction company is based in Colorado and provides commercial and residential roofing services. Their website design is really modern and attractive that gathers a lot of audience to their website.

  • Burchwood construction:

Burchwood Construction provides home construction services, renovations and even decoration and painting services for its potential customers. Their webpage holds clean design with neutral colours that looks so enchanting.

  • Apex Transformations:

Screenshot 161 - PlentyFi

Apex Transformation is a renovation company based in Toronto that works to make houses and buildings look appealing. Their company website presents a bold and elegant design. Black background makes the text and images look clear. 

  • Kehnam Building:

Screenshot 162 - PlentyFi

Kehnam is a high-end construction company that provides impeccable service. Its website aims to demonstrate its values and describes the innovative approach that makes the company distinguishing from others. 

  • Accicona:

Screenshot 163 - PlentyFi

Acciona is a worldwide construction company that has an appealing website design. Its website has sharp and inspiring background images. It has all the essential information anyone will want to know about the services. 

  • Costello Construction:

Screenshot 164 - PlentyFi

Costello Construction Company has a simple and elegant homepage that helps people explore the company and its services. The website design is appealing, brief and effective. It is perfect for people who know what services they want as soon as they go through the page.

  • McGookin Remodeling

Screenshot 165 - PlentyFi

McGookin Remodeling has a wonderful website design that holds simple and usable layout. It represents prominent, large font size with symmetrical grid that is visually inspiring. 

  • Castle Homes:

Screenshot 166 - PlentyFi

Castle Homes has a unique design that provides a sense of luxury you can get for your home. It has beautiful images showing the aesthetic sense of the company and their quality of services. You can easily identify their work for different projects as it has a unique sense of art.

  • Desert Star Construction:

Screenshot 167 - PlentyFi

The company has a wonderful homepage that highlights their work and services. You will see the company’s commitment after reaching out the website and their aim to work professionally for their clients.

Thus, you can get ideas by these 10 best home website designs before designing your homepage for home website. But, always be creative and make your homepage look really appealing to your desired audience.

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