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How to Write a Guest Post for Your SEO Campaign

If you aren’t sure what guest posting is and how you can work on that, then you have landed in the right direction. We can help you understand the concept of guest posting and how it can affect your SEO campaign for your betterment.

Guest posting allows a brand to add some content into others brand web pages, websites or blogs. You might also call this guest blogging. There are two people involved in guest posting, one is the writer of the guest author, and the second one is the publisher. The guest author puts forward information to the publisher site to pump up the business and the brand. If you wish to know more follow nofie SEO outsourcing.

How to Wxecute a Guest Posting Strategy

There are specific steps involved in fabricating a perfect guest post to support your SEO-based campaign. If you wish to succeed, then master the following steps.

  • Determine your guest post goals

 This is the utmost step to succeed in your business. Before you start making big decisions, determine your guest post goals. This involves outlining the basic steps to help your business reach the top. It would be best to consider how you can create awareness among the audiences and how you can increase visibility and lead to more excellent conversion rates. Knowing these goals will make it easier for you to create an excellent guest post for the users.

  • Find guest post opportunities. 

There are a few further tactics to follow to find the perfect guest post sites for your audiences. First, determine and look into the areas that can create audience awareness and interest. If you aren’t sure what the audiences like, you can create a persona template to create an ideal user profile. You can also use the Alexa audience tool to see what the audiences want to know. Second, once you are sure about the sites your audiences like, you can next find other similar types of sites as well. This is easy as you can paste the URL of the most clicked site in the Alexa tool, and it will, in return, show sites that are similar to the initial one

  • Qualify guest posting sites 

Once you know the sites of great interest to the audience, the next you can do is qualify them. Start posting guests over the blog, which suits each other best. Use the Alexa tool to prepare the number of sites you wish to visit.

  • Develop blog ideas 

When you know which site suits your guest post well, the time has come to pour in some blog ideas. But your blog ideas must support your goals, and these must be of your audience and publisher interest as well. Look for topics that are liked by the audience. The blog ideas must correlate with the publisher and its audiences to attract large traffic towards the guest posting. The topics must be of user’s interest only.

  • Create a guest post pitch 

It may sound easy, but in reality, you can’t simply create a guest post and let the publisher post it merely. It would be best if you gained attention. Follow the guidelines of writing a guest post before opting for the next round. Your content must be eye-catching, and blog ideas must be of customer’s interest. Then look for the writer or a publisher who can put forward your content in the right direction.

  • Track your guest post results 

It is very important to track your results because otherwise you might never understand what changes are required to do better in the future. You can check website made in the hague to know how a guest post works.

  • Write a post worth publishing 

Once the pitch is accepted, the next step is to start posting. If you want the publisher to work again with you, add value to your work and content. It needs to have a perfect catch to attract customers and to gain attention. Your content requires attention and must make sense to the audiences.

  • Follow up 

Once you have posted the work isn’t done. Follow up with the work you have posted to know what’s happening or what else is required in terms of improvement. This will help to make better decisions in the future.


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