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Which Social Media Platform Has The Most Users

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with 2.6 billion users. That’s more than one-third of the world’s population! It’s followed by YouTube with 2 billion users, WhatsApp with 1.6 billion users, and Facebook Messenger with 1.3 billion users.

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As of 2019, Facebook continues to be the social media platform with the most users. It has 2.41 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2019. This is followed by YouTube with 1.9 billion, WhatsApp with 1.6 billion, and Facebook Messenger with 1.3 billion monthly active users in the same time period.

While these platforms have the most users, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best for all businesses. For example, LinkedIn is better for B2B companies while Pinterest is better for companies in the e-commerce space. The key is to understand which platform your target audience is using and then focus your efforts on that platform.

Facebook: 2.38 billion monthly users

As of the second quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.23 billion monthly active users. This number has increased by 9 percent since the same time last year. In June 2018, Facebook announced that it had reached 2 billion monthly active users. This is an increase of 100 million users in just four months.

The platform continues to grow at an impressive rate, with no signs of slowing down. With such a large user base, businesses are sure to take notice and want to get in on the action. After all, what better way to reach out to potential customers than through a social media platform that they are already using?

YouTube: 1.9 billion monthly users

As of July 2020, YouTube has 1.9 billion monthly users. This makes it the most popular social media platform. It is followed by Facebook with 2.6 billion monthly users and Instagram with 1 billion monthly users.

YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, share, and view videos. It was founded in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees. In November 2006, Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion.

WhatsApp: 1.6 billion monthly users

WhatsApp is a social media platform with 1.6 billion monthly users. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 and is owned by Facebook. WhatsApp allows users to communicate with each other via text, audio, and video messages. WhatsApp is available in over 180 countries and is available in 60 languages. 1.6 billion people use WhatsApp every month. That’s more than any other social media platform. WhatsApp is a messaging app that lets you send text, audio, and video messages to your friends. You can also make calls and video calls with WhatsApp. WhatsApp is free to download and use.

Instagram: 1 billion monthly users

Instagram now has 1 billion monthly users. This is a big milestone for the platform, which is owned by Facebook. Instagram has been growing rapidly in recent years, and this latest milestone shows just how popular it has become. The platform is especially popular with young people, who are using it to share photos and videos with their friends. There are many reasons why Instagram is so popular, but one of the main ones is that it’s easy to use and very visual. If you’re looking for a social media platform with a lot of users, then Instagram is definitely worth checking out.


As of July 2020, Facebook has the most users with 2.6 billion monthly active users. This is followed by YouTube with 2 billion monthly active users and WhatsApp with 1.6 billion monthly active users.

Interestingly, Facebook also owns WhatsApp and Instagram, which rank 4th and 5th respectively in terms of monthly active users. We can see that Facebook is dominant in the social media landscape with 3 out of 5 of the most popular platforms being owned by the company.

So which platform has the most engaged users? When we look at daily active users, a different picture emerges. Snapchat is on top with 190 million DAU, followed by Instagram with 500 million DAU and Facebook with 1.47 billion DAU.

Thus, we can see that different platforms have different strengths.


As of September 2019, Facebook has 2.45 billion monthly active users. This is a slight decrease from 2.47 billion in June 2019. As of January 2019, YouTube has 1.9 billion monthly active users. This means that Facebook is still the most popular social media platform with the most users. However, YouTube is not far behind with almost as many monthly active users. Facebook’s popularity has started to decline since 2018, and it is now losing users to other social media platforms. Facebook’s popularity was at its highest in 2017 with 2.27 billion monthly active users.

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