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Why is website UX important for SEO?

We know that search engine optimization’s sole purpose is to help your website rank better when you search through Google. Whereas UX stands for user experience and it determines how the users interact with the website of yours. You will come across many inexperienced business holders who believe that SEO is all about keywords and link building but that’s not right. SEO is way beyond your imagination. It helps to pump up the ranking of your website by using a number of factors and one such is the use of UX websites. 

Seo is all about User Experience 

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SEO involves all such factors that can help the website make it to the top. It helps the website to reach to the highest level so that when customers search through Google your website content reaches to the top list. To improve the quality and the quantity of the website and its content Google has come up with a strict algorithm. Seo involves the use of user experience or you can say UX. Website UX is all about user experience and concern. UX determines user experience with the brand, the staff and the company as well. 

SEO vs.UX 

Search engines involving Google on top consider strict algorithms to rank your website. They involve 200 plus ranking factors.  SEO helps our websites to augment to the level of these algorithms. With use of search engines you can heighten your web pages and rank them on top with use of certain keywords that go well with it. 

Google is constantly updating its algorithm. Google believes in providing its users with the best possible information and content when a user searches. When Google ensures the updating of its algorithm it determines which web page is important and what sort of information is appropriate for the users. Catch on further details on

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How SEO and UX work together 

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  • Positive user signals 

UX determines the stay of users on your website. There are elements that can help to increase UX experience. You can use easy navigation to turn up the content you are interested in knowing. And when the user is spending plenty of time on your site this gives a clue to Google that this particular website is highly authentic and convenient. 

  • Backlinks 

With increased UX the number of backlinks also significantly increases. When a person uses your website they direct that site link to other audiences as well. And folks always look into websites that are linked and recommended by the previous users. And when the quality and quantity of the website increases the ranking of your website also increases and this turns out to be a plus point. With more ranking you can achieve a higher user experience as well.

  • Page speed 

The speed of your page matters a great deal. Every single web page must take two to three seconds to open up. If the web page speed pumps up to a faster level then you are likely to increase the user experience. Users are going to spend extra time on the website. Google also considers the web page speed and if a particular website shows high speed level then the ranking of that website also increases. 

  • Mobile friendliness 

This is another very important point to consider. Majority of the people use the internet on their mobile devices. Most of the folks open websites that are considered mobile friendly to them. And when a website is well known and liked by users on the mobile then the ranking of the website is going to reach the top level as well. And this way the users are going to spend extra time on the mobile friendly website. 

Make your website architecture simple 

The overall content and the structure of your website must be simple and not too complex. This will allow Google to index the web pages of your websites at a good level. The structure of your website is going to attract customers too. This in return will increase both user experience and ranking of the website. You can use the help of portkey SEO website development to make sure the structure of the website is simple.

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